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I got it from my Mam


I learned it from my mother. When we were growing up, we lived in an estate. Every Saturday morning, women came to the estate and went door to door looking for food, milk or anything they could use to feed themselves and their children.

Every Saturday, I watched my Ma give them milk, oranges, treats and money. If she didn't have anything to give, she would find something to give. I watched her chat to the women with respect and kindness, and always with a generous and warm smile.

She never judged, she never spoke down to them. She showed compassion and kindness in every interaction. I love that she showed us how to be generous and compassionate at a young age and that to this day, she still shows generosity and kindness to everyone.

Generosity is one of the core values that I live by, from volunteering with RSPCA to rescuing pets, giving free coaching to women in desperate situations to simply giving a banana to the man sitting outside Lidl in Tullamore so he has something to eat while he's there.

It costs nothing to be kind.

The beauty of


I've always dreamed of being able to give generously to causes that I believe in, that are close to my heart and that can have real and lasting impact on the world.

If I could solve one problem in the world, it would be abuse on women. From Relationship Abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence to random acts of violence that are fatal. Women should have the education and resources to leave abusive relationships and to be protected in our society.

Our youth, boys and girls, should be educated early on the different forms of abuse, inappropriate behaviour, sexual abuse and pressure, and be given the tools and resources needed to ensure they are safe now and in their future.

And I wish no dog or animal ever goes through what my Molly went through - a dog that was starved to near death, badly abused and neglected. Ziggy too.. a cat from a hoarding house that would've been left feral.

For that reason, I commit to donating 10% of my profits to charitable organisations that empower the youth, end violence against women and protect the vulnerable.

Charities that are close to my heart and that I donate my profits to include:

- Women's Aid

- Jack and Jill Children's Foundation

- Barnardos Ireland

- St Vincent De Paul

- Dogs Trust (coz I love furbabies)

I'm always open to support new charities, if you would like to bring a specific charity to my attention, send me an email. christina@christinarosecoaching.ie

We've donated


A big thank you to my clients who help me make this happen!

It's a small start. I'm proud that wParagraphe've done this together.

*includes the value of donated coaching sessions


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