1:1 Life Coaching Programme

Becoming YOU

Get Unstuck, Feel Empowered, Reconnect to YOU

You’re doing everything right, but…

For some reason, things just aren’t working out the way you want them to. You don’t struggle with the same challenges as your friends, so it’s hard to get the support you need. You’re coming up against life challenges, like…

Filling the void left after your last relationship

Learning to trust yourself again

Letting go of the hurt and being able to move on

Feeling lost in who you are as a single person

Creating boundaries so no one ever takes advantage of your trusting nature again

Releasing the guilt of staying in an unhealthy or toxic relationship Loneliness

An overwhelming fear of not finding The One, being on your own and missing your opportunity to have your dream family.

… just to name a few examples.

As an action taker

You’re not looking for someone to do the work for you. You’re looking for an experienced coach who can help you let go of past relationships and help you get to your love goals faster.

As a self-aware woman, you know you can get in your own way. You want someone who will tell it to you straight, so your mindset won’t hold you back anymore.

You want to feel free of all the past relationship dramas and traumas. You want compassionate guidance from someone who’s been where you are and can show you how to let go of all the past hurt, heal your love wounds and create a new empowered mindset.

And most of all, you want to be a magnet for love.

That's where I come in...

I help women create powerful mindset shifts so they can live their dream life. I am passionate about you and learning to accept you for where you are in your life right now. I want you to know you are enough, you always were enough, and you will always be enough.

I offer one-on-one personalised support to work through your worthiness, love mindset, self-esteem and confidence, and any other challenge you’re facing in your life right now.

You know what your DREAM LIFE GOALS are, but you need guidance on how to let go of what’s holding you back and how to step forward as the best version of yourself. Maybe it’s self-belief work, talking through specific experiences, or having someone help you break through those inner roadblocks.

The bottom line is that you want a coach who can help you heal and achieve your goals.

My best clients

Have strong self-awareness and appreciate when someone points out mindset limitations

Are ready to heal, let go and move on with their lives

Want to be open and receptive to finding love again

Value themselves, know they deserve more and are ready to claim it Want to achieve their dream life and all that it offers and are willing to take the next step

Take personal responsibility for their actions and non-actions in life


READY TO Become You?

Life Visioning Workbook

You’ll start by spelling out – where you’ve been, where you’re at, and what’s not working.

This in-depth workbook is designed to help you paint the complete picture of your life, what you want to work on, so we can dive into the most important issues first.

Just by doing this exercise, you’ll be able to prioritise the things you most need help with and what can wait…

It will give us the perfect starting point for your coaching sessions.

6 Coaching

In your 60-minute sessions, we’ll dive right into the issues that you’re struggling with, and then we’ll get crystal clear on what’s keeping you stuck, how to let it go and move on.

These sessions will include different tools and techniques depending on what you personally need at that moment.

You’ll get actionable steps so you can get to work on moving your life forward right away.

You can choose between weekly or fortnightly sessions.

In-between Session Support

I'm big on support in-between sessions and I strongly encourage all of my clients take full advantage of support options; whether it's email, phone call or message.

All of your sessions are recorded and hosted in private member's area that only you and I can access. You will get session notes as well as exercises that will help you between your sessions.

I also give you access to a range of tools in your member's area so you can try different tools and techniques to help you keep growing.



Step 1: Book a FREE introductory call

I love to meet potential coaching clients before we agree to work together. The purpose of this call is to meet each other, see if we're a good fit. It's a great opportunity to ask any questions about coaching and the Becoming YOU programme.

Step 2: Fill in the Clarity Questionnaire

Once you’ve signed up for the Becoming You programme, I’ll email you the Life Visioning workbook so you can start working on it before your first session. Please do fill it it in to the best of your ability, it gives us a great starting point for your sessions.  

Step 3: Schedule your Session

Once you're signed up for the Becoming You programme, you will get a link to book your first session. You will get access to my calendar and can pick a time that works for you. Join your session via Zoom at the selected time so that you can confidently move forward in your life. You will get access to your member area and the tools and resources saved in there for you.

Questions? Send me an email on christina@christinarosecoaching.ie

Is it time to invest in yourself?


Pay in Full

  • 6 60-minute one on one coaching sessions

  • Immediate access to members area

  • Access to Life Visioning Workbook

  • In-between session support via email, phone and messages

  • Option for weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions

€555 one-time payment

Pay in 2 Installments

  • 6 60-minute one on one coaching sessions

  • Immediate access to members area

  • Access to Life Visioning Workbook

  • In-between session support via email, phone and messages

  • Option for weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions

Two payments of €276

Pay in 3 Instalments

  • 6 60-minute one on one coaching sessions

  • Immediate access to members area

  • Access to Life Visioning Workbook

  • In-between session support via email, phone and messages

  • Fortnightly coaching sessions only

€190 paid monthly



How do I know if coaching will work for me?

Coaching works if you’re ready to put in the work. If you are really truly ready to make changes to your life, if you have an open mind and ready to grow. You’ve got to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and peel back the layers and get real, true support. Coaching DOES NOT work if you’re closed minded, if you’re not ready to change. Or if you’d rather live in victim mode. The best way to know if coaching is right for you is to book a Free Introductory Call and try it out.

How do the coaching sessions work?

Great question! Coaching sessions are online via Google Meet, which is a video calling platform. During each session we’ll dive into a goal that you want to achieve or an issue that you’re having. We’ll use the session to create solid actions that you can take to move you closer to who you want to be. At the end of each session, we’ll review and create an action plan, and I’ll give you tools to use between your sessions.

What if I need to talk to you between my sessions?

I’M HERE FOR YOU!! In between sessions you still have access to me via email for small stuff like help with homework, questions about what we talked about or general questions about the last sessions. If something comes up and you need additional support or want to discuss a weightier topic, we can hop on a video call so that you don’t have to go through it alone.

Do you only work with Irish clients?

NOPE! I have clients in Australia, Canada, Sweden, Italy, UK, Ireland, Scotland, the United States, and everywhere. The sessions are online so no matter where you are we can meet.

Can you guarantee me results?

No, and it would be unethical for me to do so. What I can guarantee is that you will get the best support that I can give you, plus tailored homework, in-between session support and more. If you want to hear what current and former clients have. to say, then click here.

Working with Christina has helped me implement positive boundaries, improve my self- talk, let go of unhelpful habits and make positive changes to my mindset.



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